Have stubborn fat pockets? Little bulges that won’t go away with diet and exercise? CoolSculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive body-sculpting procedure that can help you slim down those troubling fat pockets.

Fat Reduction Can Be a Challenge

Even if you’ve been doing everything your nutritionist or trainer orders, you may still be fighting a losing battle against stubborn fat. Fat reduction is not as simple as eating fewer calories; it is complex and dependent on your body’s metabolism.

Targeted fat loss through exercise is a myth, because when a person partakes in physical activity, the overall body temperature rises. To sustain the activity, the body burns readily available resources and is not concentrating on a specific region as an energy source. Thus, the fat loss that occurs happens in a general way all over the body instead of in any one specific place.

What Is CoolSculpting?

Exercise doesn’t get rid of fat cells, it only shrinks them. When a person successfully exercises away stubborn flab, the fat cells remain. Over time, they expand again due to genetic factors and lifestyle factors.

With CoolSculpting, the fat cells are destroyed and cannot grow back. CoolSculpting is a method of freezing stubborn fat cells, causing natural cell death. Over time, the body clears away the destroyed fat cells, resulting in a reduction in volume of the treatment area.

The fat-freezing CoolSculpting procedure effectively removes fat cells in the targeted areas over a period of three to four months. The technique has been extensively studied through clinical trials to ensure its effectiveness and safety and is cleared by the FDA.

Your CoolSculpting Consultation

During a consultation, the dermatology team at The Dermatology Institute of Boston will go through the details of the procedure and what to expect in terms of results. The primary goal of CoolSculpting is to sculpt and contour the body to the desired shape; it is not an overall weight-loss treatment.

A customized treatment plan to target trouble areas of the body will be reviewed, including expectations, the number of treatments needed, and cost. A customized plan is integral because no two bodies are alike and because the location of the fat cells targeted varies.

What to Expect with CoolSculpting

Prior to the first treatment, photographs of the body area to be treated will be taken for record keeping in the patient’s medical record. In the first part of the treatment, a gel pad will be placed on the region to protect the external skin.

During the treatment, the CoolSculpting device will be positioned on the targeted region. The device contains a vacuum applicator, which keeps the fatty tissue in place. The patient may experience tugging and pulling on the skin when the device is applied.

The temperature of the targeted area is then lowered as cooling energy is directed towards it. CoolSculpting takes around an hour per treatment area. The sensation of intense cooling may seem unusual at first, but typically after a few minutes, any discomfort subsides. During treatment, the patient can relax and use mobile devices, read, or sleep comfortably.

The best part is that this procedure requires zero downtime. Patients can immediately get back to their lives, returning to work and their daily schedule.

Contact Us for a CoolSculpting Consultation

CoolSculpting is especially popular and effective for stubborn fat areas such as belly fat, love handles, bra fat, inner thighs, and saddlebags. Our skilled dermatology team will be available to tell you more about CoolSculpting during a free consultation at our office, so contact us today and set up your appointment.