Scientific Publications

Dr. Emmy Graber Acne Spotlight
A Review: Treating Acne with the Tetracycline class of Antibiotics
A Review: of Systemic Minocycline Side Effects and Topical Minocycline as a Safer Alternative for Treating Acne and Rosacea
MDIP A Review of Systemic Minocycline Side Effects and Topical Minocycline
Emmy Graber, MD, MBA
WDSZooming into cosmetic procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic: The provider’s perspective
Dermatology TimesNeuromodulators Combat Key Rosacea Challenges
MedEsthetics Countering the Change
Dermatology TimesSebaceous Gland is Target for Acne Treatments
ASDSFirst Reported Case of Neuromodulator Use in a Patient Who Received the Botulinum Vaccine
FPSAMA Pandemic of Dysmorphia
JDDSuccessful Treatment of Periorificial Dermatitis With Novel Narrow Spectrum Sarecycline
BJDBritish Journal of Dermatology Rosacea Clinical Trial
BJDBritish Journal of Dermatology Rosacea Clinical Trial
AJDThe Amercian Journal of Dermatopathology
JDDThe Role of Medical Nutrition Therapy in Dermatology
What we Know (and don’t) About Dietary Effects on Skin Aging
WOUNDSWound Care Learning Network
Dermatology Times Spironolactone shows promise for hormonal acne
JAMAJAMA Dermatology
JDD Evidence for Anti-Aging South Korean Cosmeceuticals
SpringerCurrent Management of Pediatric Vitiligo
SCMS Therapeutic Approach To Acne And Rosacea
NIHResident Rounds Part III – Case Report A Non-Syndromic Case
J Am Acad Dermatol. (AAD) Guidelines of care for the management of acne vulgaris
WileyEducational Interventions in Venous Leg Ulcer Patients
JAMA Klarity for Spironolactone
Cutis Epithelioid Sarcoma
WileyPatient self-assessment of chronic wounds
WileyThe Effect of Ankle Range of Motion on Venous Ulcer Healing Rates
JCAD Papular Acne Scars
NCBIFactors Influencing Efficacy of Bilayered Cell Therapy
Dermatologic Surgery Review of… Laser and Light Devices
NCBIWound Research Funding From Alternative Sources of Federal Funds in 2012
JAMA Value Of Care
MMPHodgkin Lymphoma in Pregnancy Achieving the Best Outcome for Both Mother and Infant
DermSurg Iatrogenic Hypopigmentation
WileyManagement Issues for Vitiligo in Children and Pregnant Women
Wolters KluwerWound Care Essentials – Practice Principles
DermSurg Collagenase… Earloab Keloids
DermSurg Laser Hair Removal
Cutis Mino Pigment
JCAD Hair Dryer & Rosacea
JCAD OTC Acne Treatments
DermSurg Tattoo Removal
AmJDermpath Induced Vasculopathy
JCAD Comedone Extraction
JCAD Herpes Zoster & BTA
Lasers in Dermatology… Lasers… Pigmented Lesions
Body Rejuvenation Treatment of Truncal Acne Scarring
CosmDerm Lipohydroxy Acid
DermSurg Fraxel Side Effects
JAAD Interstitial Granulomatous… Anakinra
Surgery Of The Skin
Dermatologic… Oncology Conditions of the Skin, Hair and Nails…
Soft Tissue Augmentation ARTEFILL®
Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine
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