Broken Blood Vessels

The Pulsed Dye Laser or PDL uses a concentrated beam of light that aims at blood vessels in the skin. The light is changed over into heat, obliterating the blood vessel while leaving the encompassing skin undamaged.

Telangiectasia (broken vessels) can be treated effectively with PDL.

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PDL treatments generally take just a couple of minutes and are performed during a regular visit to the office. This is a simple procedure that does not need to be done in an operating room and no anesthesia is required. The machine delivers a frosty spray just before the laser pulse, decreasing the vibe of pain and protecting the surface of the skin. Most patients will ordinarily require more than one treatment but it depends on the condition being treated. The treatment is safe and has been effectively used since the 1980’s and is even used in infants and young children for some birthmarks.

Side effects are typically negligible. For a few days after the treatment there may beredness, swelling and bruising. However, these side effects resolve in a few days. Sunblock for one month before treatment is prescribed as tanned skin obstructs the laser light and results in a higher possibility of side effects. Scarring is greatly uncommon with this laser.

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