Botox, Daxxify, and Dysport Neuromodulators

NeuromodulatorsNeuromodulators are types of injection treatments best performed by a board-certified dermatologist to minimize and prevent wrinkles and lines around the face. At The Dermatology Institute of Boston, there are three different neuromodulators available: Botox®, Dysport®, and Daxxify®.

Daxxify will be available in early 2023 at our offices. It offers many of the same benefits as Botox or Dysport but is said to last twice as long.

Neuromodulators, like Botox, work by relaxing the muscles that are responsible for creating wrinkles in the first place. This is achieved by temporarily limiting nerve signals to the muscles. After treatment, the muscles become relaxed and thereby permit the overlying skin to smoothen and wrinkle less during facial expressions. Finding the right balance in dosage to allow muscle expression while preventing the skin to wrinkle is one reason why choosing qualified injectors like Dr. Graber and Dr. Meyer is so important.

Before and after Dysport® treatment for forehead wrinkles:

Fine lines on forehead before Dysport®

20 days after Dysport®

botoxWhy Does the Skin Form Wrinkles?

There are several reasons why your skin may start to show signs of premature aging. Overexposure to harmful UV rays, certain medications, harsh cosmetic products, a poor skin care regimen, poor nutrition, and genetics are some of the causes of premature aging.

When fine lines and wrinkles appear, it isn’t too late to do something about it. Neuromodulators can give you healthy-looking young skin.

botoxWhich Wrinkles Can Neuromodulators Correct?

They are all used to lessen or even eliminate the lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. These wrinkles are also popularly referred to as worry lines, 11 lines, or Crow’s feet. Botox® and Dysport® are different brand neuromodulators that work in similar ways.

Before it was used for cosmetic purposes, Botox® was medically used to treat lazy eye, excessive sweating, overactive bladder, repetitive neck spasm, and to prevent chronic migraines.


“Dr. Graber is great. She spends time with you when she is in the room, listens, and helps find the best treatment path for you. I would highly recommend her & her team”

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no exact age that is right or wrong to start doing these treatments. Some people start doing neuromodulator treatments when they first notice wrinkles appearing. Other people do them to prevent wrinkles. Whether you are 25 or 65, you may be the right age to start doing a neuromodulator treatment.
The procedure starts with a consultation with a skilled medical professional, who will determine whether you are ideal for the procedure. If you are found to be a suitable candidate, a treatment plan is made that will include the treatment area, the points of injection, and the amount of the chosen neuromodulator to be injected. The actual procedure often takes less than five minutes! No numbing medicine is needed. A series of injections with a very tiny needle are done in the areas of the wrinkles.
Yes! The best part of getting these injectables is that there is no downtime associated with them. You can go straight back to work, and no one will know that you just had the treatment done.
Yes! You can resume exercise. It is just recommended that you avoid strenuous activity for one hour after the procedure and not aggressively massage the area for one hour after treatment.
The results of this treatment differ from one person to another. The muscle remains relaxed, and the wrinkles are gone for three to four months. The treatment’s effects will diminish over time, and when it wears off, the wrinkles come back. Therefore, to keep wrinkles gone for good, a neuromodulator treatment needs to be done every 3 – 4 months.
Yes, one study looking specifically at Botox® demonstrated a 97% satisfaction rate.
The effects of the treatment are not seen immediately. The muscles will soften 2 – 10 days after treatment and the wrinkles will start to go away at this time.
Yes! It is very safe, as long as the injection is administered by an experienced professional. There have been ZERO serious problems ever reported from the cosmetic use of these products.
At The Dermatology Institute of Boston the cost is based on the number of facial areas treated. The cost is not based on the amount of units used. We will use whatever amount of Botox that is needed to improve your wrinkles. We typically start with slightly less than we think that you need and then you return to the office in 2 weeks for assessment. If more is needed in 2 weeks time, there is no charge for a “touch-up”. This way, we make sure that you get as much Botox as you need, without going overboard and without making you look unnatural!

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Botox® and Dysport® offer astounding results and can make you look several years younger. In addition to adopting a good and healthy lifestyle, taking care of your skin will help you look and feel younger as well. Contact The Dermatology Institute of Boston to schedule an appointment.


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(video “Combination of Dysport and Restylane injections to enhance the lower face” on the DIB‘s youtube channel)

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