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Cosmetic Dermatology
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Cosmetic Dermatology FAQs

What is a cosmetic dermatologist?

Known as a subspeciality in the field of dermatology, they focus on aspects that pertain more toward aesthetics and appearance. Some of the services they may provide include skin tightening, smoothing wrinkles, improving skin tone, tattoo removal, or treating acne and even cellulite.

Their services are pretty common as many people seek out cosmetic treatments, and their expertise in dermatology ensures satisfactory results and proper safety measures along the way. They can also prescribe medications if needed and help develop skincare and lifestyle recommendations that cater to each patient’s needs. Their education entails undergraduate education followed by medical school and then 4 years of residency training in dermatology. This is often followed by additional fellowships to subspecialize in cosmetic dermatology.

What is the difference between cosmetic and medical dermatology?

Whereas cosmetic dermatology focuses on appearance and the aesthetics of the skin, medical dermatology focuses on the overall health of the patient’s skin. Regardless of which type of dermatologic care you seek, you will be seen by a physician who is board certified in dermatology and get the benefit of the vast expertise they have to offer regarding your skin. Not only can you get help with cosmetics, but they’ll also be able to ensure your health isn’t compromised in the process.

This goes both ways, as medical dermatologists will also do their best not to tarnish the aesthetics of your skin when tending to your health. Either way, you’re in good hands, and both come with the experience and knowledge that you need to maintain healthy skin. Additionally, both are well-versed in providing optimal skincare routines that you can use to maintain your skin’s health outside of your appointments.

Do cosmetic dermatologists treat acne?

They most definitely can help with acne treatment, but if it delves into a medical issue, they may recommend you see a medical dermatologist to get your skin’s health back on track. Considering acne can cause aesthetic issues, cosmetic dermatologists have plenty of solutions on hand. From treating acne scars to changes in skin tone, cosmetic dermatologists can help with your acne in more ways than one. Acne is a common skin ailment that medical and cosmetic dermatologists are well-equipped to help you manage.

Does a dermatologist inject the fillers?

Many people may seek out a plastic surgeon when considering dermal fillers, but this can also be achieved with the help of a trusted dermatologist. In fact, dermatologists are the experts on skin, and are trained to inject fillers during their residency.

Some people choose a dermatologist for dermal fillers as they’re also looking for help with other aesthetics of their skin, so they can pair all of their needs with one cosmetic professional. Cosmetic dermatology is a vast topic that comes with a substantial number of procedures, and the dermatologists who practice it have plenty of solutions on hand for the aesthetics of your skin.

Which laser treatment is best for aging skin?

Although many different laser treatments are available for aesthetic operations, your best bet to combat aging skin would be laser resurfacing. It is known to provide long-lasting and highly effective results. Most people choose this treatment to work on the skin of the face, neck, and chest areas, as these are generally the most visible when it comes to aging skin.

This is a procedure that can be effective for many different age groups. Thanks to modern technology, laser resurfacing techniques have only gotten more refined. There are plenty of people who rely on the treatment to battle the cosmetic changes on their skin as they get older.

Are laser treatments good for your skin?

In general, laser treatments come with a vast number of benefits to your skin. It can mitigate the effects of aging skin, help remove age spots, visible veins, scarring, sagging skin, and wrinkles, and even eliminate unwanted hairs and tattoos.

Our skin is something that can significantly change as we go through life, and considering a lot of our cosmetic aesthetics pertain to our skin, it’s understandable why cosmetic dermatology would be so popular. Laser treatments are only becoming more popular among all the skin solutions available as more people advocate for their results.

Is it best to get Botox from a dermatologist?

A plastic surgeon may be more than capable of handling a Botox procedure, but a dermatologist will have more knowledge about your skin’s health. Your health is always the most important aspect of this, so you’d be better off working with a dermatologist that understands your skin, inside and out. Not only will they be capable of delivering the results you’re looking for, but they’ll ensure that your health and skin integrity aren’t compromised during the procedure.

Is micro-needling recommended by dermatologists?

Depending on the condition of your skin, most dermatologists would be happy to recommend microneedling. Moreover, they would advocate that you only work with a dermatologist on this procedure as they can make sure everything goes well regarding the aesthetics and health of your skin.

The procedure helps to produce more collagen and elastin in the skin, and it’s also referred to as collagen induction therapy. Considering the nature of the procedure, it’d be in your best interest to contact a dermatologist about getting it done.

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