Basal Cell Carcinoma

basal cell carcinoma example

What is it?

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common form of skin cancer. More than 2 million people are diagnosed with it in the United States each year. BCC is not a life threatening form of skin cancer except in very very rare cases. BCC most commonly happens on the face and may start out looking like a pimple that never goes away.

Who gets it?

You are more likely to get BCC if you have the following risk factors:

basal cell carcinoma example


The only way to diagnose any type of skin cancer is with a skin biopsy. After the BCC is diagnosed, there are several ways to treat a BCC:


Most BCC’s are cured with the prescribed treatment.

Learn more at the American Academy of Dermatology: AAD Basal cell carcinoma.

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