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CoolSculpting Wins NewBeauty Award… 5th Year in a Row!

NewBeauty releases an annual list of its top products
and treatments, which is based on real feedback and suggestions. Guess what?
CoolSculpting® is on the list…again!

We are trying to act COOL, but it’s hard to contain our excitement! We are very proud to announce that CoolSculpting® has been awarded the NewBeauty Award
for Fight Fat in a Flash! Thanks to the editors, contributors and readers of NewBeauty, this is our 5th award in a row.

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One of the COOLest golf pros on tour is spreading the word about CoolSculpting® to get rid of stubborn belly fat. When it comes to helping men shave a few strokes off their fat-loss game, Ian Poulter means business. He’s taking a not-so-cool foursome — or Coolsome — and whipping them into shape.
Belly fat got you off your game?

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