Pre-gym: Before heading out to the gym, cleanse the skin with a mild, non-irritating cleanser if you’re wearing a heavy base layer of makeup, and apply a lightweight, oil free moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer or mineral powder are fine to wear if you choose. Applying an oil-free formula is perfect to use pre-workout, as it won’t cause the skin to feel greasy, yet will work to hold water in the skin while you perspire. As much as it might feel like it, sweat sessions are not exactly quenching your skin with moisture. Moisturizer is especially important to apply because sweat evaporates water out of the skin, leaving it dehydrated unless protective steps are taken. If you’re headed outdoors to exercise, use a moisturizer with a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF, remembering to protect your neck, décolleté and arms as well as the face.

During the workout: The machines at the gym may be great for your body, but the sweaty hands of your fellow gym rats mean that they’re also repositories of a lot of germs. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout exercising, to replenish the moisture you are losing as you sweat. During exercise, try to avoid wiping your face with your hands – instead use a towel and pat your face dry.

After You’re Done: A big mistake people make after a workout: being too aggressive with their skin. Resist the urge to over-scrub: even the most killer spin class doesn’t call for major exfoliation. Skin is extra sensitive following a workout, so make sure to gently cleanse your face and avoid applying other products as too many products could irritate the skin and cause redness. Refrain from lounging in your sweaty exercise gear and remove clothing as soon as possible and hit the shower. The dirt and sweat from your clothing will sit on your skin, blocking your pores and potentially causing breakouts.