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Sunscreen. Use it!!!

Use sunscreen always! Regardless if you work in the sunshine or if you plan a holiday in the tropics, you should consider sunscreen as one of the most important necessities. Exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays may trigger skin cancers years down the road. Sunscreen can be in the form of spray, lotion or gel and […]

What is Eczema and How Do You Treat It?

Eczema is a medical term used for a group of skin conditions wherein the skin becomes inflamed or very irritated. Skin becomes very itchy and a red rash develops that may look red, dry, or cracked. Some common areas where rashes appear are on the face, the back of the knees, wrists, hands or feet […]

How Can I Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat?

CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq is a safe, state of the art, non-invasive treatment that can get rid of fat. This treatment, performed at your dermatologist’s office, takes an hour to do and does not involve surgery. A machine is placed on the area of unwanted fat, the fat is cooled, the machine is removed an hour […]

What does a Dermal Filler do?

As we grow older, was start to lose fat that is under the facial skin, causing the face to look more aged. This may present in several ways. There could be hollowing of the cheeks, under eye circles, wrinkles and skin folds. Exposure to the sun, lifestyle factors, such as smoking, and genetics are other […]

Do your cheeks get red easily? It could be Rosacea.

Rosacea is a skin disease that normally begins with redness on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. People with rosacea may experience: flushing, itching and burning of the skin. Oftentimes the redness and symptoms can flare up with certain triggers. Drinking red wine, exercise, extreme heat or cold temperatures or spicy foods may aggravate rosacea. […]

Dry Skin Treatments – 3 Ways to Combat Dry Skin

Treat dry skin with these three ingenious yet simple ways. Moisturize – after a warm bath do not completely towel dry your skin. Apply moisturizer first while the skin is still damp to lock in moisture on the surface of your skin. Pat skin dry for about 20 seconds and then apply a thick amount […]

Bedbugs – How Did You Get Them and What To Do About Them!

Bedbugs are small, brown, oval shaped, insects that feed on human blood. They can bite the skin and cause very itchy bumps that look like mosquito bites. Often times bedbug bites are in groups of two or three on the skin. They can itch a lot for several days, look pink and swollen, and then […]

What is Skin Biopsy?

Sometimes it is not obvious just from looking at the skin what is going on. Possible skin cancers can be diagnosed and the cause of rashes can be determined by taking a sample of the skin. This small piece of skin can then be evaluated underneath the microscope. This procedure is known as a skin […]

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