Bedbugs are small, brown, oval shaped, insects that feed on human blood. They can bite the skin and cause very itchy bumps that look like mosquito bites. Often times bedbug bites are in groups of two or three on the skin. They can itch a lot for several days, look pink and swollen, and then go away on their own. Bedbugs can enter the house undetected, through clothing, luggage, furniture and other items. Their flat bodies enable them to hide in small spaces. Because they are active during the night, it can be very hard to spot them. Most people who are diagnosed with bed bugs never recall seeing bugs in their house or on their skin. Since bed bugs are so hard to find, an exterminator may be needed to confirm that there are bedbugs present in one’s house. This involves constant checking of cushions, mattresses and furniture in the house. Controlling bedbugs require spraying all the infested surfaces. Regular cleaning of these items can also help in getting rid of bedbug menace. Your dermatologist can give you prescription creams to help with the itching.