Use sunscreen always! Regardless if you work in the sunshine or if you plan a holiday in the tropics, you should consider sunscreen as one of the most important necessities. Exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays may trigger skin cancers years down the road. Sunscreen can be in the form of spray, lotion or gel and its main aim is to protect the skin against sunburn. This product is useful to those of all skin colors as those with very fair skin color as well as those with dark skin tones may develop skin cancer. Sunscreens can be classified into two different types. There are sunscreens known as physical sunscreens and their main purpose is to reflect the sunlight – thus reducing the amount of light that penetrates into the skin. The second type is chemical sunscreens that absorb, rather than reflect, the sun’s rays. Use of sunscreen is thought to reduce the likelihood of a person developing skin cancer. Those people who apply sunscreen on a daily basis may prevent skin cancer as well as delay skin aging.

Tips when choosing a sunscreen:

  • Look for a sunscreen with “broad protection” (i.e. protects against UV A and UV B rays)
  • Look for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher
  • Once outside, reapply your sunscreen every 1.5 hours
  • Reapply your sunscreen immediately after swimming
  • Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your lips and the tops of your ears (often forgotten spots!)
  • Apply enough! Most people apply too little sunscreen