While applying sunscreen, numerous people have a tendency to go part by part – first the shoulders, then the upper arms, then the lower arms and finally the face. Sorry to say that in this procedure some body parts get disregarded.

Here are 5 such body parts where people frequently neglect to apply sunscreen.

  1. Behind the Knees

    Many people neglect to apply sunscreen behind the knees. People may apply sunscreen to their lower leg, knee and thigh, yet the back of the knee generally gets snubbed. This particularly happens when you apply sunscreen to your legs while you are sitting. In any case, even when you are standing outside in the sun, the harmful sun rays can cause sunburn to that uncovered places.

  2. Feet

    Do you have a flip-flop tan? Well this is for the most part because you neglect to apply sunscreen on your feet. Know that feet are generally as at danger for skin cancer as the rest of the body.

  3. Hands

    When you apply sunscreen, your palms and fingers may be full of sunscreen, however you frequently neglect to apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands. This consistent uncovering put you at danger for developing skin cancer and UV rays can harm the fingernails.

  4. Ears

    When you apply sunscreen to your face, you give concentrate on the nose, cheeks and temple and regularly disregard the ears. The tops of the ears can be hitdirectly by the sun. Men with short hair or ladies who wear their hair up are especially at danger for an ear burn.

  5. Scalp

    Those who are bald must put on a cap or put sunscreen on their head to shield it from the harmful rays of the sun. Indeed, even people with hair, who are not wearing a cap, need to apply sunscreen. To apply sunscreen you may choose a gel sunscreen that doesn’t make your hair greasy. Give careful consideration to any bald spots to keep it shielded from the sun rays.