Cyst Treatment Near Boston

Treatment for Cysts

It can be challenging to effectively monitor our skin without the keen eye of a medical professional. Many minor and more severe ailments associated with the skin happen underneath, out of sight, and thus removed from our immediate concern.

It’s always helpful to schedule regular checkups with your dermatologist. They have the knowledge and experience to spot a potential health issue developing on top of or underneath your skin.

One of the most common developments underneath the skin can be a cyst. Although the majority of them are nothing to worry about, there’s always a chance it could be something more serious.

What Is a Cyst?

Starting out as a small growth from a collection of skin cells, cysts can continue to grow for quite some time before you even start to notice a bump on the skin’s surface. They’re more common than many people think. Regardless of how common they might be, they can lead to harmful health complications if left unchecked.

The most common type of skin cyst is called an epidermal cyst, which is composed of sebum, keratin, air, and dead skin cells. It is possible for cysts to become big enough that they start to cause pain in the localized area. If one becomes infected, it can quickly become a more serious medical issue, so it’s best to have your dermatologist take a closer look if you’re having any concerns about them.

Treatment Options for Cysts

Under no circumstances should you attempt to pop or drain a cyst on your own. Although the lump may seem isolated, draining or removing a cyst can prove trickier than you might expect. Seek the opinion of a board-certified dermatologist for the best treatment option for your cyst. This can include surgical removal, injection with steroid medication to quell inflammation, antibiotics, and sometimes drainage.

Seek the opinion of a board-certified dermatologist for the best treatment option for your cyst

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